Sunday, June 7, 2009

Malacca English Story Telling Contest 2009(02)

This is the second video clip of the Malacca Primary School English Story Telling Contest which was held on 28/04/2009. The first video clip was posted on 06/06/2009. Regarding the detail information of this contest, feel free to read my previous post.


There are 5 of the contestants presenting their stories in this video. Their information is listed as below.

1. Name : Syazana

School : SJKC Chung Hwa

Story : The Woodcutter And The Heavenly Maiden

2. Name : Syafiqah

School : SK(P)Methodist 1

Story : Mak Munah

3. Name : Luke Ang Xi Yuen

School : SJKC Yu Ying

Story : The Monkey And The Frog

4. Name : Rajaletchumi

School : SJKT Rumbia

Story : The Wicked Stepmother

5. Name : Woon Jia Yi

School :

SJKC Bukit Beruang

Story : The Emperor's New Clothes

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