Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pay Fong Exhibition 2008

Malacca Pay Fong Secondary School launched an exhibition for 2 days in conjunction with its 95 anniversary. The exhibition was held in the school compound on 14 and 15 of June.

Pay Fong Secondary School is the only Chinese secondary in Malacca. It's a private Chinese school without any subsidy from Malaysia Government. It was founded in 1913.

Stepped into Pay Fong Secondary School compound, I was amazed by the talent of the students. The exhibits were so creative and innovative. They had done a good job.

"Punk Rock Pirate Party" was the theme of the exhibit that presented by Li San Ai students. In my opinion, the idea and design of the exhibit were appropriate with the theme.

The students of Li San Ai had carried out a research for the preparation of the "Punk Rock Pirate Party".

There was a prisoner cage at the "Punk Rock Pirate Party". A girl with smiling face was coming out from the cage. She was so happy although being imprisoned because it was a comedy version of pirate party.

Luckily, there wasn't any brutal pirate at the "Punk Rock Pirate Party", otherwise I was thrown into the sea to feed the sharks.

The second exhibit was "Magic Trip" of Shang San Yi. Although "Punk Rock Pirate Party" and "Magic Trip" were different in style but both of them were really creative and innovative.

According to the team leader of Shang San Yi, they had encountered various difficulties for the preparation of the exhibition. Finally, they managed to solve their problems successfully because they worked as a team.

The backdrop of the "Magic Trip" venue was the famous Japanese cartoon characters. The Naruto was one of the cartoon character. These cartoon characters were used to reflect the friendship and unity among people.

The third exhibit was the "Ping Dan Gallery" of Shang Yi Ping. Huang De Zhi is the author of the "Ping Dan" comic. He is a famous cartoonist from Malaysia.

For your information, Shang San Yi and Shang Yi Ping are commerce classes but the drawing skill of the students is so excellent.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Singapore Dumpling Festival 2008

My wife and I went to Singapore last week. We stayed in South East Asia Hotel for this trip. South East Asia Hotel is located at 190 Waterloo Street.

Waterloo Street is flocked with tourists day and night. It's coincident that at this particular time the community around Waterloo Street is celebrating Dumpling Festival. The Dumpling Festival celebration is from 29 May to 8 June.

Waterloo Street is brightly lighted at night. There are stalls selling dumplings along both sides of Waterloo Street nearby South East Asia Hotel.

I couldn't resist the tasty dumpling, so I bought two dumplings and shared with my wife. We enjoyed eating the dumplings with lipton tea in the hotel room.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shopping Rush

A large number of shoppers flock to most of the shopping malls in town these few days.

Shopping rush is just like a hot cake. You can see how the shopping rush was from the above video clip. It was recorded last Saturday. This hyper mart opens from 8 am to 11 pm on Monday to Thursday and from 8 am to 12 midnight on Friday to Sunday during this festive fever.

I went to this hyper mart twice to shop for Chinese New Year stuffs. I bought a full trolley of food, cookies and snacks for each trip and spent few hundreds ringgit.

Wang Xiao Er guo nian, yi nian bu ru yi nian. Nian nian nan guo, nian nian guo. These two sentences are in Chinese. Wang Xiao Er was a poor man. He became poorer year by year. However, he had to celebrate Chinese New Year no matter how poor he was. This means that Chinese New Year is a special festival to Chinese.

I am as poor as Wang Xiao Er and have to shop for celebrating Chinese New Year too.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Portuguese Settlement Christmas Celebration

This is another post with video clip that about Christmas celebration.

The first and second video clips for previous posts were recorded in Perth, Australia but this video clip was taped in Portuguese Settlement. You might think that Portuguese Settlement is in Portugal but it's not. For your information, Portuguese Settlement is in historical city of Malacca, Malaysia.

Portuguese Settlement formerly was a fishing village but now it is a housing estate. Most of the residents here are descendants of Portuguese. They celebrate Christmas every year by decorating their houses with beautiful light.

The Malacca State Tourism Authority promotes this settlement to be a tourist attraction. The Lisbon Hotel was built here recently to provide accommodation for tourists. There is a square here with restaurants, pubs and souvenir shops. There will be performance of Portugal folk dances during week ends.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Perth Christmas Procession 02

This is another video about Christmas procession in Perth, Australia 2005. If you had watched the video of my last post then you should know that the crowd there were so enjoyed and excited.

Actually I planed to visit Australia in early December but the tourist agency keep on delaying the daparture date and I flew to Australia in middle December. My trip to Australia is 7 days 5 nights and the Christmas procession was held a few day before Christmas. So it's coincedent that I had the opportunity to watch this excellent procession.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Perth Christmas Procession 01

In conjuntion with the Christmas festival, I upload a video clip with this post to share with my readers. This video clip is about Christmas procession in Perth, Australia. I recorded it in December 2002 when I went to Perth with my family. I was lucky to have the opportunity to witness this Christmas procession in Perth.

The procession was supposed to start at 7 pm but the streets were crowded with spectators as early as 2 pm because early birds can have good view. I still remembered that afternoon I bought some fast food and canned drinks for dinner. The procession was remarkable. Hopefully you enjoy watching this clip.